Observatory Construction 2007 www.scala.com/iplay

Base Drawing
Pier Column
Pier Footing
Pad Footing
Manhole Bases for Pier Columns
Lifting Pier Column Base
Setting Pier Column Base in Place
Stacking Pier Column Components
Stack Assembly & Epoxy
Stack Assembly
Final Pier Stack
Assembled Piers
Base Pour Around Pier Column Base
Superstructure Legs
Positioning of Superstructure Legs 1
Positioning of Superstructure Legs 2
Positioning of Superstructure Legs 3
Positioning of Superstructure Legs 4
Superstructure Legs Assembled
Superstructure Legs Assembled 3
Observatory Enclosure
Enclosure 1
Enclosure 2
Sandblasting the Enclosure
Painted Enclosure 1
Painted Enclosure 2
Enclosure Skin Assembly
Completed Enclosure
Loading the Enclosures for Delivery 1
Loading the Enclosures for Delivery 2
Placing Enclosures 1
Placing Enclosures 2
Placing Enclosures 3
Dome Assembly
Dome Assembly 1
Dome Assembly 2
Dome Assembly 3
Dome Assembly 4
Telescope Base Pier
Column Pier Bolts
Pier Lift 1
Pier Lift 2
Dome Lift 1
Dome Lift 2
Dome Lift 3
Domes in Place
Superstructure Stairs
Stair Assembly 1
Stair Assembly 2
Stair Assembly 3
Lightening Protection - Grounding Plates
Lightening Protection - Tie to Grounding Plates
Basic Completion of One Observatory
Basic Completion of 3 Observatories E-W
Basic Completion of 3 Observatories W-E
Completed Observatory